Imagine living paycheck to paycheck while barely having enough money to get by each month. All of a sudden, you look at your payslip and notice a particular amount of your salary has been withheld. Not only that, but the amount the company is withholding appears to increase with each passing payday. To prevent this from happening again, you probably need the help of a Louisiana wage garnishment attorney.

Being deprived of even a tiny chunk of your hard-earned money can make it difficult for anyone to pay the bills and feed your family. If you’re looking for a Lousiana bankruptcy attorney who has vast experience in figuring out ways to stop wage garnishment so you can continue receiving your pay in full, then get in touch with E. Orum Young Law for a free case review!

Why do I need a Louisiana Wage Garnishment Attorney?

Louisiana wage garnishment attorney Working with a skilled Louisiana attorney assures you that someone will provide you with viable options to stop wage garnishment and assistance on other money-related problems you’re experiencing.

You will know that an attorney is equipped to stop wage garnishment in Louisiana when he/she:

  • Clearly understands how sensitive financial matters are
  • Treats all clients and each case with respect, privacy, and utmost care
  • Works hard to gather information about you, your situation, and what you need to accomplish
  • Has the knowledge and skills to win your case and bring you a step closer being free of debt

Speak with a reliable Louisiana attorney from the E. Orum Young Law office right away to begin the process of getting your life back to the way you want it to be! Our team will work with you to assess the different options that make sense for your situation.

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What is Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment is a process where the court orders an employer to withhold a part or entire salary of an individual (employee) so it can be used to repay his/her creditors. Also known as wage levy, it is considered one of the harshest tools used by the IRS for debt collection as it takes a significant amount out of every pay you receive.

Wage garnishment can happen if you owe a certain sum in credit card debts and medical bills. In these situations, your creditors usually cannot garnish your wages without getting permission from court. But filing a suit isn’t required when garnishing wages to collect debt in taxes, child support, federal student loans, and alimony. This will continue until your debts are fully paid or you’re able to find a way to stop wage garnishment.

How does the wage garnishment process work?

During the wage garnishment process, one of your creditors will reach out to your employer telling them to deduct a certain amount from your salary during each pay period to repay what is owed to them. If the creditor is able to show proof of the court’s approval, your employer will have no choice but to comply.

In some instances, creditors can secure a judgment that allows them to not only garnish your salary, but also your commissions and other extra income. When this happens, there’s almost nothing you can do unless you get help from a Louisiana wage garnishment attorney!

Are there limits to wage garnishment?

Though some states can impose stricter limits, federal law has put limitations on the total amounts allowed for wage garnishment in Louisiana. Any good Louisiana attorney will tell you that wage garnishment should NOT surpass the lesser of 25 percent of your disposable earnings (wages left after the employer deducted the amount mandated by law) for a week or the total amount by which your disposable weekly income exceeds 30 times the federal hourly minimum wage.

Additionally, there are wage garnishment limits for unpaid taxes, child support, and federal student loans. Seek immediate assistance from a Louisiana wage garnishment attorney today!

What is the best way to stop wage garnishment?

In most cases, filing for Bankruptcy works best since an automatic stay is implemented – stopping wage garnishment and other debt collecting acts like property seizures. Louisiana’s exemption laws can also determine how much of your wages you can keep.

Not only does filing for Bankruptcy help you stop wage garnishment and achieve debt relief, but it can also offer protection from abusive collection practices and allow you to recoup wages that were previously garnished.

The two most common Bankruptcy chapters for debt relief are Chapter 13 and Chapter 7. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to develop a payment plan while restructuring your debts so you can repay everything within three to five years while Chapter 7 Bankruptcy involves the liquidation of some or most of your assets which are not exempt from being seized.

If you think that filing for Bankruptcy can stop wage garnishment, then get in touch with an E. Orum Young Law Bankruptcy specialist today!

Besides filing for Bankruptcy, what are other ways to stop wage garnishment?

Apart from a Bankruptcy petition, there are actually more ways to stop wage garnishment in Louisiana that you can explore. Here are a few of them:

  • File an appeal to the Regional IRS office so they can possibly review and make changes to the initial decision
  • Apply to obtain a Currently Not Collectible status if the wage garnishment is making your financial situation worse
  • Seek an Innocent Spouse status if you are married but are the only one who has unpaid taxes
  • Leave the company you work for as this will immediately stop wage garnishment and force your creditors to go through the entire garnishment process before they can be entitled to your wages again.

However, some options mentioned may not be viable based on your circumstances. These may also only be short-term fixes so filing for Bankruptcy could be your best choice. To get started, speak with a skilled Louisiana attorney or bankruptcy professional right away!

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