Louisiana Debt Consolidation Services

Have you been schemed by a debt consolidation company? At E. Orum Young, our attorneys are dedicated to fighting debt consolidators who prey on consumers who are deep in debt. Debt consolidation is sometimes chosen as an alternative route to bankruptcy by many debtors who fear repercussions from bankruptcy. Consolidation companies often promise to settle your debts for much less than what you owe, in a risky attempt to settle your debts without filing for bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, debt consolidation is an unregulated industry that leaves many who are in debt worse off than before. In our 35 years of experience, we have found that many clients would have been much better off had they come to us first to explore their bankruptcy options in Louisiana.

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What Consolidation Companies Do

Consolidation companies trick consumers into thinking they can pay back their debt at a significantly reduced cost without facing any consequences. They allow you to make a lump sum payment after choosing the creditors you wish to pay back. Money is then deposited into an account with the consolidator on a weekly or monthly basis.

Once the total settlement amount is saved up, a debt consolidator attempts to settle the debt with third party creditors. This takes place after the debtor stops paying his bills so that they will go to collections. The expectation is that the third party collector will not have proof of the original debt and will accept the settlement amount. What winds up happening oftentimes is that the third party debtor indeed does have proof of the original debt.

When Debt Consolidation Won’t Help

Eventually, many debtors are sued by collectors. All the while the debtor is paying thousands of dollars in service fees to the consolidation company and fails to resolve the debt. When a debt consolidator can no longer help you, they recommend bankruptcy.

Skip the trouble and come straight to our office to discuss filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Louisiana. Our attorneys fight to protect your interests at each turn and will file your bankruptcy with care on your behalf. You can expect results in just a few months.

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