What is bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal process in which an individual who cannot reasonably pay his or her bills is provided an opportunity for a fresh financial start. Bankruptcy is a right granted by federal law, and all bankruptcy cases are handled in federal court. When an individual files for bankruptcy, all debt collection calls are put to a stop.

How can bankruptcy help me?

When should I consider bankruptcy?

If you know that you cannot pay off all of your debts, or have had trouble negotiating a payment plan with your creditors, bankruptcy may be the most reasonable option. This is especially true if you fear the possibility that a creditor will sue you and/ or seize assets. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are the most commonly filed bankruptcies by individual debtors. Let our attorneys help you pave the way for financial freedom!

What are some debts bankruptcy cannot resolve?

Bankruptcy is no cure-all for all of your financial problems. There are several types of debts a Louisiana bankruptcy cannot eliminate:

  • Child support and alimony obligations
  • Student loan debt
  • Tax debt
  • Other nondischargeable debts, such as fines and penalties imposed for violating the law, like traffic tickets and criminal restitution
  • Debts for personal injury or death caused by your intoxicated driving
  • Cosigner debt. A bankruptcy cannot eliminate the debt of cosigners. If someone you know cosigned a loan, that person may still have an obligation to repay the loan partially or in full
  • Debts incurred after the bankruptcy has been filed

What type of bankruptcy is right for me?

At E. Orum Young Law Offices, we understand that bankruptcy is a tough decision to make, and that it is not for everyone. However, we have experienced first-hand the many ways bankruptcy has helped individuals climb out from a deep pit of debt. There are four types of bankruptcy that can be filed. Your bankruptcy attorney will help you decide which option works best for you during your first consultation.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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Filing for Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy in Louisiana is a financial decision that carries significant weight. Many individuals choose to file for bankruptcy because they have overextended their credit or are unable to pay the debts they have accumulated.

Those who file for bankruptcy easily find themselves stressed about the details and bankruptcy forms involved when filing a claim. Both Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy have specific exemptions and allowances that dictate what a person can and cannot claim. Likewise, in both types of bankruptcy cases, creditors can challenge and attempt to overrule your filing.

Understanding bankruptcy basics and the difference between Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy is the first step in educating yourself. However, there’s an abundance of other details about bankruptcy you will need to know before you can consider yourself well-informed. If you don’t happen to find the answers to your questions regarding bankruptcy here, contacting a trusted attorney is always the best way to ensure you have all the information you need to create your case.

Highly Trusted Bankruptcy Attorneys In Northeast Louisiana

For more than 35 years, the Attorneys at E. Orum Young have been successfully helping individuals and families navigate their way through bankruptcy. With more than 20,000 cases filed, they are the most accomplished and successful bankruptcy attorneys in Northeast Louisiana.

If you want to be sure your case is in the right hands and you are working with attorneys that care about you and your family, call our offices or fill out our convenient online form today. The lawyers at E. Orum Young also offer a free consultation regarding your case so you can be sure you’re making the best financial decision for you and your family. Once you’re ready to file, at E. Orum Young Law Offices, we promise to do whatever it takes to help you make your way back to a life free of debt and financial stress.