You park your car before you head into the supermarket. An hour later, you return to where you originally parked to find your car is gone. Your heart races. You dial 911. “Help, I think someone stole my car!” Relax. More often than not, your car wasn’t stolen; your car was likely repossessed. Still, that doesn’t downplay the stress and confusion this sort of situation can cause on you and your family.

Most often, repossessing your car is as simple as calling a tow-yard and paying to have it removed. Sometimes, you’ll need the help of a Louisiana car repossession lawyer with the experience and know-how to reclaim your car. Regardless of why your vehicle was repossessed, you still have legal options. Here are the different types of car repossession cases that can happen in Louisiana.

Voluntary Repossession

Under the rules of voluntary repossession, a creditor attempts to take your vehicle when the debtor wants to cover a repayment. This differs from other methods because it requires the consent of the vehicle owner prior to the lender being able to repossess the car. Without your signature, a creditor cannot take your vehicle away. If presented with a contract or paperwork detailing your consent to a voluntary repossession, you are under no obligation to sign, hence the phrase “voluntary.”

Self-Help Method

Self-help repossessions allow creditors to repossess your vehicle without your permission. However, there are steps that must be followed prior to a creditor being able to repossess your vehicle. Essentially, this method involves a creditor forcibly taking your vehicle away without your consent. Most often, a lawyer can examine the circumstances surrounding the self-help repossession and fight to reclaim it if proper steps weren’t taken by the creditor seizing the vehicle.

Court-Ordered Repossession

Like other methods, proper protocol must be followed, even with a court-ordered repossession. This is a method that’s taken when a creditor petitions a court with enough evidence to repossess your vehicle. Rather than a repossession agency or tow-truck coming to take the vehicle alone, it will typically be accompanied by a deputy sheriff or law enforcement officer from your jurisdiction. While you cannot interfere with the duties of the law enforcement officer, you can still take legal action to reclaim your vehicle once the repossession has been completed.

Through a Louisiana bankruptcy lawyer, you can fight for your rights in court and make sure your property is rightfully returned, assuming a creditor violated the rules of an agreement regarding your property.

Reclaim Your Car With a Louisiana Car Repossession Lawyer

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